by Agent

about the video

A raw therapeutic expression of emotion using my voice as an instrument over grassroots Hip-Hop production!




                                                                contributor 2016 second edition


I go by Agent. a·gent [ey-juhnt]

1.a person acting on another's behalf

2.an active cause

3.a natural force or object producing or used for obtaining specific results


Agent was raised in Sanger, California, in a low income neighborhood. He has been rhyming for ten years and has released independent projects. While pursing his Master’s degree, Agent developed a way to incorporate Hip-Hop and the process of emceeing into therapy. He is currently developing his own business after having obtained his first consultant contract with a local school district working with at-rise and marginalized youth in alternative education settings, continuation and community day schools. He believes holistic health is an undeniable revolutionary act. He facilitates his clients in nourishing awareness and personally implement healthy practices. He is an emcee, and he practices the art forms of lyricism, therapy, teaching, and learning.