why so mad

by Julio Magana

about the sound

This particular song was recorded after the murder of Alex Nieto, a SF college student and active community member by the SF Police Department. It was also inspired by the protests by UCLA students of the systemic racism encountered by various students of color in both Undergraduate and Graduate work. It was sparked by the numerous conversations I felt compelled to engage in when challenged by European-American students who felt attacked by any discourse that sought to address the historic inequities and micro-aggressions faced by communities of color in general and students of color in academia in particular.


Julio Magana


                                                      contributor 2016 second edition


SOMOS ONE (aka julio magaña-saludado) - Child of a Mexicana farm worker turned-organizer and a Chicano college student-volunteer. Union-made and trained as a labor organizer and University community coalition organizer for Ethnic Studies and against youth criminalization. I am an English Teacher by training and Community Organizer by birth. I am also a poet/emcee and member of BRWN BFLO, a Pocho Rap group based in Oakland, California. Music to this song was borrowed from Bonobo and should only be used for non-profit purposes.