wake up calling

by rAmu Aki


black lives matter is

not a threat but a wake

up call of all too obvious

fact which frustrates &

embarrasses that it even need

be said & having been said,

that it be met with anger

resentment outrage

hostility instead of a “feelin’

u/can do/how to/together…”

attitude, by so many of power

here in the 1st

quarter of the great 21st

century game, back to the

future & here we came, is

what i would call a

sin & a shame. black


life matters ignores

no one as we recall

both mitochondrial eve &

adam as ancient africans

from whom all the earth

born rest of us descend,

evolved over years of increasingly

extreme environmental difference

 as we walked out our

generational questing paths to

circumnavigate this blue green


planet so hold up a minute

& check yourself on how you

feelin’ it if you negatin’ like that maybe

it’s because you’re ashamed to admit

that your ancestors’ ancestors’

ancestors were black? since

it proposes no behavior, i would

suggest the phrase signifies

a necessity to visualize through

imagination’s eye & thus

begin to actualize via

emotion & thought into life which

will manifest the experience through

direct understanding that black

life & your life & all our lives

matter & life is not colors but

divinity reflected as each

all of us which we must

not forsake. imagine


what difference such radical personal

perception could make. black lives

matter, certainly & what could be

more important than that we who self

identify as black life take this to heart

to mind to soul to flow to what

& who & how we roll

to how we goal

& what our lives in this world

have evolved & the with

i of what is wrong & the with

i of what is strong & what

choice lifts every voice & what

choice casts each soul down as we

all learn truly to acknowledge

life matters.

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rAmu Aki


                                                            contributor 2016 second edition


rAmu Aki is a poet. visual artist, photographer & collage maker living at present in Louisville, KY.