inner scream & know thyself

by Pola Lopez

about the images

I. Inner Scream (acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″) 

This self portrait expresses a self-imposed silence, as I cover my mouth, but an inner scream given to my self as a child, is a suppressed thought that lingers in my mind at the time of being told I would never paint again. This is that moment that resounds in an utter silence.

II. Know Thyself (acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 48″)

This painting is a depiction of the Chicana Wall of Archetypes. It features a holy trinity of the faces that women of color often wear. These are the molds, the prototypes, the bolitas of masa that we cookie cut and fashion our feminine identities after. 
Which are you?
Santa Librada, the crucified Virgin, given to God, the Martyr?
El Sexo Fuerte, the femme fatale, dangerous woman of charm and beauty?
Or are you Ugly Betty, every other woman, your best friend, the one in the background, the imperfect one, the voice of reason. 

At once, we can be anyone of these women, or a combination of one or the other. In a reality, are we a totality of all three? Mujer mestiza…beautiful martyr…complex, but always there.



Pola Lopez



                                             contributor 2014 first edition


Pola Lopez is a prominent painter and muralist based in Los Angeles. Her work, earth based and feminine centric, took her from her original home in New Mexico to the heart Los Angeles in search of the Chicano Art Movement. 
Her style of painting is an expression of filtering the mundane reality perception through a multifaceted polychromatic infused spirituality. The resulting images are the fusion of a here now cultural presence with the vibration of the light and energy of spirit. 
She maintains an open door, working studio/exhibit space, known as 2 Tracks Studio in Highland Park, CA.