the story of a hillside

by Sabina Virgo


Sabina Virgo


                              contributor, 2018 third edition


Sabina Virgo has been an activist and a leader in the movement for justice and peace since the mid 1960’s. During that time she was deeply involved the civil rights movement, the student movement, and the resistance to the war in Viet Nam. In the 1970’s, Sabina began working in the labor movement. Sabina is a writer whose work has been published in The Nation, The Guardian, Crossroads, Peaceworks and South End Press. She has given keynote addresses for the International Women’s Conference, the International Human Rights Coalition, and the Southern California Interfaith Task Force on Central America and various campus organizations. Sabina is a founding member of the MLK Coalition of Greater Los Angeles. She is currently focused on the movement to control climate change.