shadow baby

by Cristal Alba


about the images

This piece was produced with the sweat and blood of my owns manos. La muñeca was the only product that I bought, in the same manner that we are born into capitalism. Every piece was something I found, in my home, in my garage, in my sister’s room, in my neighborhood. Reclaimed as objects that represent the fucked up nature of my own composition. Mirrors reflect the multiple identities that have been impuestas on me. The knife is the same one I used to tear open the body of mi conciencia. One side reflecting the imposed, the other reflecting the ways I have attempted to reconcile it all.


I. Shadow Baby - Mixed Media




Cristal Alba                 


                                                  contributor 2014 first edition



I am a queer Chicana. Mi corazon crece in the crevices entre las piedras. I was born in Perris, where the desert begins to run into the city. I am from nowhere y de todas partes. Siempre entre medio, siempre desgarrada entre conciencias.