mujeres: a chicana feminist visual project

by  Angélica Isaí Becerra


 Angélica Isaí Becerra


          contributor 2014 first edition


Angélica is an immigrant queer Chicana, Palestinian solidarity activist and PhD student in Chicana/o Studies at UCLA. Her research interests include gender studies, queer studies, Chicana feminism and decolonial erotic studies. She is currently based in Los Angeles where she lives with her partner Omar and their overwhelming collection of books. 

about the images

This project emerged out of a desire to reimagine role models through my eyes: those of a queer Chicana Feminist and immigrant. As a result, I began to create visual representations of the women that influenced my politicization and journey for self-definition.These mujeres are redefining what mainstream media portrays for young women as an ‘acceptable’ femininity, as well as an immigrant.

These mujeres are influential thinkers in their own right and in this act of representation I am creating a Chicana feminist iconography.