la oveja negra

by Cuñao

It all started when…

In the songwriting tradition of Sylvio Rodriguez and Argentine legend Piero, Cuñao embarks on a short but delightful journey of timeless stories, rich imagery and colorful use of the Spanish language that bring to life the challenges of modernity from the perspective of a Latin American. Cuñao has always been a master of layering, creating dense aural landscapes that fluidly conjure imagery and take you through time; the album from which “La Oveja Negra” is excerpted, Los Testigos (translation: “The Witnesses”), is no exception. It is the thickest and most nostalgic of Cuñao’s efforts, echoing through a countryside where the land has a face, ears and eyes, and bears witness. 




                                                                          contributor 2014 first edition


Julio C Montero, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Los Angeles, records, composes and performs under the moniker Cuñao. Cuñao was born in Ecuador, but grew up on the multicultural streets of Queens, NY. This mixture of cultures heavily painted the musical world Cuñao would later come to explore. Cuñao’s songs are simple in form, mixing South American folk, 60-70′s romantic ballads, Tropical & cumbia, electronica, rock, twentieth century minimalism, afrobeat and anything else that sounds good as they paint a slightly different picture of what it is to be Latin American. In much the same way that Julio adapted to his new culture upon arriving in NYC, his songs transform and adapt when seasoned with other genres. 

The band started as a recording collaboration between Hugo Muñoz and Julio Montero in New York City in the summer of 2010. Having a few recorded songs under their belt, Julio moved to L.A. and finished the album. The end result was the self-released debut Trabajo Y Ron in March 2011. The album was a fusion of electronic beats and synthesized sounds with the spirit of ethnic folk music. 

Julio continued Cuñao as a solo folk project. His five-song EP titled Los Testigos, a collection of nostalgic folk songs inspired by the 1960 & 70′s era Latin America was released on April 24th, 2013. 

The third musical project titled Llano, Llanero, Lloron was released through Beatchamber Records on November 21, 2013.