grim city

by Merrick Moore-Fields

about the video

Grim City is an animated short based around gun violence in Chicago. Using an insect metaphor to illustrate the different ethnic groups and classes of the city. The ants are the poor, black and brown working class, the beetles are gangsters, the upper class whites are wasps, the cops are anteaters, and the ticks are drug dealers. With Grim City, I explore the nature between the ants and the hostile environment they must overcome.

Songs from the Streets is an ongoing webcomic taking place in the distant future. A post apocalyptic tale centering around the collapse of the United States of America; Songs from the Streets takes place in New Eden, built from the ruins of Chicago.


Merrick Moore-Fields                         contributor 2016 second edition



Mirian Martinez-Aranda is a Latina immigrant, documentary filmmaker, and a Ph.D. candidate. She uses her work to advocate for social change and community empowerment. Currently her research focuses on the intersection of immigrant detention, gender, and mass incarceration.

She received her Master’s degree in Sociology, with a focus on undocumented people’s rights to health care access. She received her Bachelor’s degree with a double major in Latin American Studies and Film Studies.