fvck em (womp womp)

by Nicky DeMauro

about the video

Coco Dame (Nicky DeMauro) and Ebonie Smith team up once again and release their new song “Fvck Em.” The official video was shot around the Lincoln Projects in Harlem, the neighborhood where the emcee and producer frequently write songs and record together. The track features Ebonie Smith’s piano and drum production, while Coco Dame weaves lyrically through the beat, delivering her reflections on self-empowerment. The video is a trippy accompaniment, an ode to ignoring the chatter, finding peace with yourself, and simply “doing you.”


Nicky DeMauro                                    contributor 2014 first edition



Nicky DeMauro, also known as Coco Dame, is a drummer, producer, and songwriter based in New York City. She graduated from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, where she started the electro-hip hop band, Menya. She currently drums for the band Dig For Honey, and is also writing, performing, and producing new songs as a solo artist.