hood loom

by Andrea Wells

about the images

The Hood Loom Series is part of a larger project: The Black Body Curve, a multi-media, web-based collection of poetry and digital art. The Black Body Curve is an extended meditation on the question, "Why did the City of Philadelphia bomb its citizens on May 13, 1985?" In attempting to process this question within the context of Black History, Black Memory, Black Arts, Black Culture and Black Experience, "The Black Body Curve" uses images from the public domain to interrogate the significance of the black body as it interacts with our collective consciousness. The collection wonders, artistically, how the history of blackness informs the bombing of West Philadelphia as well as ongoing acts of war by American government against its Black citizens.


Andrea Wells                                                 contributor 2016 second edition



Andrea Walls is a poet and self-taught digital artist. These are the best things she has to say about herself.