by Mar Torres


What is your favorite color?

Mine is blue

Like…like a sea blue

Swishin’ …

back                 and forth

Taking you in

Pushing you back


But what is the color blue para un mujer?

What is the color blue para su cuerpo?

Swishin’ back and forth

From su ojo

To her arms

To her stomach


What is the color blue para una mujer

Swept in by a tide from far away?


El mar taking her in

Overwhelming her

Engulfing her in a wave

Submerging her to some depths

That she never imagined




The color blue,

To a mujer

Sometimes turns purple,

Sometimes turns black,

Sometimes incites the release of a red fire,

A dance evoked by bad spirits

Crunching, crashing, crumbling

Her down to some depths

That she never imagined.


Can you count?

Can you count on the color blue?

Can you count all the stars that have let you down?

Stars that leave you because you

Una mujer

Have come in from a tide

From distant waters?

Can you count on the color blue?



Mar Torres



                                                contributor, 2018 third edition


Mar, is a Chicana from East Los. She is a UCLA graduate having received Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Chicana/o Studies. Currently, Mar is serving in City Year Los Angeles. Mar continues to seek opportunities to engage in writing as a method of catharsis, agency, reflection, and survival.

Mar would like to acknowledge Professor Karina Oliva-Alvarado, whose class prompted the creation of this piece through the discussion of post-memory.