breast milk

by Pam Ward

Dear Dixie,


of slave ships & chains.

The original midnight creep

creating a whole race from rape.

Hey, Slave Monger!

El Capitan of unclean!

Feasting on hatred

Maker of flesh & bone slaves



Mr. Burrito White Supreme!

Hey, Blood Spiller.

Yo! Petri Dish of Disease.

Breeder of sons you don’t want.

Singer of anthems on greed.

Waving your red treasonous flag

like some sick badge of honor.



Spawn of the burnt-cross lawn.

Heir of the German Shepherd

Papa Lynch Mob Grenade.

Descendant of nurse maids

suckling breast but taught

to detest her face.

Hey white boy!

Yeah, you!

The fool with the gun.

Killing six women and three men

claiming you’re saving your race!

Listen, I know you can’t blame

your idiot genes

but stop biting the titty that feeds.




Pam Ward


                                                                contributor 2016 second edition


Los Angeles native. Poet, activist and author of Want Some Get Some and Bad Girls Burn SlowKensington, Pam Ward is currently promoting her play "I Didn't Survive Slavery For This" and writing her fourth novel, I'll Get You My Pretty, a historical memoir about her aunt, a suspect in The Black Dahlia murder.