special thanks, volume 1

special thanks

we would like to express our gratitude
to all who those who have contributed to the creation of bozalta: 

to Judy Baca and the UCLA @ SPARC Digital/Mural Lab team. Judy, thank you for fostering our creative, collaborative, activist energies and always offering your valuable personal time. Farhad Akhmetov and Michael Gibson, thank you for your tireless technical support and patience.

to the UCLA César E. Chávez Department of Chicana/o Studies, thank you for providing the space for critical dialogues.

to our colegas, your radical work is our inspiration and our challenge. gracias.

represented in this journal are our mentors, familia, lovers (and their lovers), friends, and colegas from across the américas. to our wild artist/activist/scholar contributors, you have taken bozalta so far beyond where we ever could have imagined. we thank you with moved hearts and opened minds.

thank you, also, to Oscar Magallanes for your “I need a big favor, I can’t pay you and I need it yesterday” design work. we are proud to call you a friend.

finally, we voice our gratitude towards each other. for the community we have built, the ideas we have shared, the theories we have formulated, and the pleasure we have experienced in working together during these past months. 

warmly and with love,
Carissa Garcia & rose simons
los ángeles, july 2014