cenote, somewhere in mexico

by Ana Fores Tamayo

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Ana Fores Tamayo


contributor 2018 third edition


Ana M. Fores Tamayo is ABD in Comparative Literature from New York University, though she presently lives in Texas. She never completed her PhD because motherhood got in the way. She switched fields and worked in academic publishing for many years. She missed academia, however, and decided to return, only to find the Ivory Tower inhospitable to most educators.

Her present work with refugees and asylum seekers has helped her with her own sense of displacement, as she was also a child refugee. She writes about these experiences and thoughts on her blog (http://adjunct-justice.blogspot.com).  She has had poems published in The Acentos Review as well as in The Raving Press' latest book, "Bad Hombres & Nasty Women."